Haynes is one of the best offshore fishermen in the world. Few anglers understand structure, timing and everything else that goes into catching fish from the depths better than he. Of course, Haynes’ knowledge is usually best served in the stained waters of the Tennessee River impoundments rather than Lanier’s gin-clear lower end.

But evidently, offshore is offshore, at least for Haynes.

The pro says he “played the conditions” on Thursday, which meant hitting upwards of 60 spots.

“Just playing the wind, time of day, the conditions,” says Haynes, who only caught 9 keepers.

With the conditions looking to change every day of the tournament, Haynes says he’ll continue to change with the day, though his run-and-gun pattern seems like it will be staying.

“I’m going to run-and-gun or I’ll zero,” Haynes says.

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